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Severe Natural Disaster Storm In Farmland of Minnesota

Preparing for Natural Disasters in MN

How Insurance Can Help Northern Minnesota Residents In Northern Minnesota, the majesty of nature is accompanied by the formidable threat of natural disasters. From fierce blizzards and freezing temperatures to the occasional wildfire, residents face a unique set of challenges. Proper preparation is essential, and one of the most critical steps a homeowner can take…

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Home Owners with family in Minnesota

What Northern Minnesotans Need to Know About Home Insurance

Understanding the Unique Home Insurance Needs in Northern Minnesota Understanding the unique home insurance needs in Northern Minnesota is crucial for homeowners in the region. The extreme weather conditions and specific risks that come with living in this area necessitate a tailored approach to property insurance coverage. Home insurance requirements in Northern Minnesota may differ…

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small business owner shakes hand with employee at cafe

Essential Insurance Coverage for Small Business Owners in Minnesota

The Importance of Business Insurance for Northern Minnesota Small Businesses Small business operations involve inherent risks, such as property damage, liability claims, or natural disasters. These unforeseen events can devastate your business’s financial stability without adequate insurance coverage. Business insurance provides the necessary protection to mitigate these risks and ensure you can continue operations even…

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Woman Driving in Minnesota Winter Day

Auto Insurance Coverage for Northern Minnesota Winters

Understanding The Unique Challenges of Northern Minnesota Winters Winter in Northern Minnesota presents unique challenges for drivers and calls for special considerations when it comes to auto insurance coverage. The extreme weather conditions, icy roads, and heavy snowfall make driving in this region particularly hazardous during winter. Car insurance in winter becomes crucial as it…

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a senior man with adult son picking apples in an orchard. Son is holding a basket of apples

Do Apple Orchards Have Insurance?

Running an apple orchard in Minnesota involves a range of risks and liabilities that should not be overlooked. To protect your business and ensure its long-term success, it is crucial to have appropriate insurance coverage in place. This section will discuss some types of insurance that an apple orchard in Minnesota may need. One of…

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small business owner talking on the phone while looking at a computer screen.

What Kinds Of Insurance Do Small Businesses Need?

Running a small business is an exciting venture, filled with dreams of success and growth. However, every business journey comes with its fair share of risks. As an insurance company dedicated to safeguarding your business’s future, we understand the challenges small business owners face. That’s why it’s important to know what insurance options are available…

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What Kind Of Coverage Does A Nonstandard Occupation Need?

As a full service independent insurance agency, our primary goal is to provide comprehensive coverage that meets the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. While traditional occupations are relatively straightforward to assess and insure, there is a growing segment of the workforce engaged in nonstandard occupations. These unconventional job roles pose unique challenges when it…

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holding umbrella over model home showing umbrella coverage

What Is Umbrella Insurance For?

What Is Umbrella Insurance? Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides you extra protection. This protection is beyond the limits of homeowners, auto, or other primary insurance policies. It’s designed to protect assets in case of major liability claims, including judgments leveled against the policyholder that exceed the limits of their primary…

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father and toddler boy walking on beach without stress

Travel Insurance Offers Extra Peace of Mind

As the world continues to reopen and traveling becomes much more accessible, it’s important to remember the potential risks and uncertainties that come with planning your next vacation. This is where travel insurance comes in.   What is Travel Insurance, and Is It Worth It? Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage…

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women in a car chancing the radio station as her car is covered with auto insurance

How Car Insurance Works in Minnesota

You Need Coverage For Your Vehicle in Minnesota If you own a motor vehicle, you must have insurance on it. But too many people don’t understand how to buy this coverage. Liability Coverage–A Must in Minnesota! Liability insurance coverage is required by law in the State of Minnesota (and most other states) if your vehicle…

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people working out at a gym protected by general liability insurance

Who Needs a General Liability Policy

Most business insurance packages include general liability insurance because it can help cover the daily risks many small business owners face.    Who Needs a General Liability Policy Although it isn’t usually required by law, there are many good reasons to ensure you have sufficient general liability coverage. Some industries need to be especially concerned…

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wet floor sign emphasizing liability for businesses

Why Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

What General Liability Insurance Covers As a business owner, you have many vulnerabilities. You deal with the economy’s whims, changes in your industry, and potential loss due to several potential liabilities. While you can’t fix the economy, you can protect yourself with the right insurance. General liability can cover small businesses and the self-employed and…

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Health Insurance and Divorce

Divorce is a painful time filled with complex emotions and upheaval. Along with the changes you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will go through is a change in your health insurance (Well, all of your insurance will change, but today we will look at your health insurance. You must sort this out immediately. Because stress places…

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Insuring Jewelry for Your Sweetie

Love is in the air, and you have decided to give your sweetheart a ring or some other sparkly jewel. It’s essential to have insurance coverage on the ring to protect your investment from theft or loss. Yet, many people don’t insure their jewelry.   Under or Uninsured Gems In 2021 ValuePenguin commissioned Qualtrics to…

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Insurance Riders for Your Valuables

You may receive some lovely gifts this holiday season. How do you protect against loss from theft, damage, or destruction? Many items may be covered under your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. Things like: Appliances Children’s toys Clothing Electronics Furniture Home Decor Laptops Sporting goods TVs Wine and spirits What If You Have Received a Pair…

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insurance agents covering a cut out family with an umbrella

When You Need an Umbrella Policy

Unforeseen events happen in life that can lead to property damage or injury to someone. If you are held liable, the fallout can ruin your financial health. “But I have insurance!” you say. That’s good. But is it enough insurance? What are the limits of your policy? You could be in trouble if your liability…

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little kids trick or treating on Halloween

Helpful Minnesota Halloween Tips

Ensure You and Your Kids Are Safe This Halloween With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to remind yourself of all the best safety practices for you and your family. Although this is a celebratory holiday, accidents can happen, and it’s better to be prepared for all the possibilities. Whether it’s your costume, candy,…

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Independent Insurance Agency in North Branch Minnesota

Want to Save on Minnesota Insurance?

Work With A Minnesota Independent Insurance Agent  Maybe you’re looking at the budget for your business and wondering whether you are overspending on insurance premiums, or perhaps you have just started a business in Minnesota and don’t know where to start with getting coverage. Of course, comparing insurance rates is your best option, but finding…

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photo of a man playing guitar outside his camper van.

Insuring Your Camper

Many people purchased an RV or a camper during the COVID-19 pandemic. They sought a way to have vacations safely and spend time with family without worrying about canceled reservations. In fact, according to the RV Industry Association, December 2021 showed total shipments from RV manufacturers up nearly 47% from the previous December. RVs and…

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Drive safely sign to save money with safe driver discounts

Save Money with Safe Driver Discounts

Safe drivers pay less for car insurance because they cost insurance companies less in payouts. This is why insurance companies often incentivize safe driving with discount programs. They go by various names, depending on your insurance carrier, but the basics are the same. They save you money, just for driving safely. How Do They Know…

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Home on a lake with trees

Insuring Your Lake Home

If you own a lake home, you will want to have the right kind and amount of insurance to protect your property. Here are some things to keep in mind when insuring your lake home. In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are plenty of lake homes! If you own one of them, you will…

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Young woman taking inventory of clothing in walk in closet

Creating a Home Inventory

Do You Have an Inventory of All Your Belongings? As a homeowner or renter, you should have an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all the personal property at your residence and off-site storage facilities. There are several reasons to create a thorough list and plenty of ways to approach the project. Determine how much insurance coverage…

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Life Insurance policy brochures

Whole Life Insurance

Let’s Talk Whole Life Insurance Life insurance can be confusing to shop for. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the differences between whole life and term life insurance to make the best decision for you and your family. The Cost of a Whole Life Insurance Policy Whole life insurance costs more than term life insurance,…

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Life Insurance Form

Term Life Insurance

Let’s Talk Term Life Insurance Here at Hermann Insurance, we want what’s best for you! Certainly when regarding Life Insurance and anything else your family needs. It is essential to know what you are shopping for and today, we will go over Term Life Insurance.  Life insurance can be confusing to shop for. It is…

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Whisky Plates and Your Insurance

What Whisky Plates Can do to Your Insurance. Plate impoundment can inconvenience and embarrass the impacted drivers—and their family members. But how do whisky plates affect your insurance? If you get a DWI conviction in Minnesota, one of the consequences of a is plate impoundment. This is when the state of Minnesota takes away the…

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Thanksgiving food poisoning

Happy Thanksgiving! Food Poisoning Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! Usually a time of thanks, this time we are talking about an unpleasant holiday visitor, food poisoning. You’ve worked hard to build your restaurant. Protect it. We are an experienced independent insurance agency, and we’re here to help. CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets…

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